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Treadmills for Sale

Treadmills for sale is Australia's leading online fitness retailer providing the best deals for treadmills for sale. We have the largest range of treadmills for sale including new treadmills, home fitness treadmills, commercial treadmills and used treadmills. With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, Treadmills for Sale offers the best range of quality electric treadmills at the very best prices.

Huge Savings on New Treadmills
Buying a treadmill online at can save you hundreds of dollars compared to purchasing direct from a fitness retail outlet. We only sell treadmills online and don't have to pay huge overheads for high exposure commercial retail space which means we can pass on our savings to you. That means you can buy treadmills online at cheaper prices. Be careful when buying a treadmill online that you are not buying a cheap treadmill for the sake of saving a few dollars. Finding parts for cheap treadmills bought online or through ebay when they break down can be difficult and in most cases impossible, meaning your treadmill cannot be fixed and the money spent purchasing the cheap treadmill would have been wasted.

New & Used Treadmills for Sale
We only stock and sell quality reputable fitness treadmills including brands such as Healthstream, Elite, Avanti, and Repco. All our treadmills for sale come with a warranty and we have access to treadmill repair technicians in all states of Australia just in case something should go wrong with your treadmill.

Popular Treadmill Brands
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